Time to Show Off That Mustang and Ford!

It’s that time again! Time for the Mustangs Plus Annual October Mustang and Ford Display here at Mustangs Plus on Saturday, October 19th, 2013! We’ve just completed the Fall 2013 Restomod Magazine which is also the October Sales Flyer and entry form for the Mustangs Plus October Display. So be sure to check your mail boxes for it next week and get that entry in ASAP! You don’t want to get left out. You can also get it online at www.mustangsplus.com.

The theme for this years October Display is 1964 1\2 Mustangs. We invite all owners of these iconic “1st of the First Mustangs” to bring them to the show, no matter what condition they’re in. That is, as long as they run under their own power and don’t leak all of their fluids out onto our parking lot! In fact, we love to see Mustangs that are not show quality or that are under construction. It gives us the chance to see them in the condition they’re currently in and then to see them emerge at a future show as the beautiful Mustang of a proud owner. This will be the perfect show to start that process at if you are the proud owner of a 1964 1\2 Mustang that needs some TLC. Bring it as a project that is under construction for us to see. Then, bring it back next April as the April 2014 Mustangs Plus Display will be for all 1965 Mustangs which will include all 1964 1\2 Mustangs. This will allow all of us to see it come back again, improvements and all! We hope to see you here on Saturday, October 19th from 8am to 3 pm.

Last night, September 10th, I was invited to be the guest speaker at BAMA’s monthly meeting. What a great organization! My association with BAMA, which stands for the Bay Area Mustang Association, started almost 30 years ago in 1984. Mustangs Plus was just a couple of years old and there were several Mustang clubs in the area. One day a customer came in and asked if “BAMA” members got a discount. “What’s a BAMA?” I asked him. He told me it was a new Mustang Mustang club that was starting in Hayward. I gave him a club discount and have been associated with BAMA, in one way or another, ever since.

Cindy and I have always been very proud to be members of BAMA even though, like with many of the other Mustang Clubs we belong to, we don’t get to attend many meetings. I’m glad I made this one! The meeting started with a cook out where there was an endless assortment of food. It was the perfect starter for me because if there’s one thing I love just as much as Mustangs, it’s food! After stuffing myself and seeing many of the Mustangs in attendance, the meeting was called to order and I was introduced as the guest speaker. I spoke about Mustangs Plus for a couple of minutes, reminding the 40 or so members who were in attendance about the up-coming Mustangs Plus October Display. I spent the remaining 28 minutes or so talking about the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration and answering questions about the event. I had a great time and must have done a good job because there were smiles on their faces and very few questions when I was done. Need a great club in the San Francisco Bay Area? Visit the BAMA website at www.bayareamustangassociation.com today!

In other news, Mustangs Plus is working on a new 2014 Parts Catalog. It will be sent out, to our customers that are updated on our mailing list, as soon as it’s completed. Usually, this is at the end of January but we’re trying to speed it up for this year. We know that the Mustang 50th will entice many people to get their Mustangs ready for all of the Mustang 50th festivities that are being planned for 2014. So, we are going to try to have it ready to mail a lot sooner. Be sure to update your name and address so you’ll receive your free copy in your mail box.

Lastly, The Restomod Shop is working on many cool Restomods and restorations. If you’re able to attend, be sure to take The Restomod Shop tour when you’re here for the Mustangs Plus October Display. Also, if you’re thinking about or planning to have The Restomod Shop do any work for you before the end of the year or before the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration next year, I would advise you to get your project scheduled ASAP. Winter always brings cars that the owners want for the spring and their winter schedule is already filling up! For more information and to see some of the completed projects, visit www.therestomodshop.com and enjoy!

Stay tuned for our next Blog next week!

Ron Bramlett


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