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As I was thinking about what to write for this week’s Blog, my father, Glenn Bramlett, brought a big box of old sales records into the Mustangs Plus office that were from 1983. To put this into perspective, in 1983, we had been in business for a little over 3 years here at this same address. We had started in business as R&D Motors in July of 1980 when I was just 26 years old and had just had successful open heart surgery (Successful being the key word here!). Wow. Looking beyond the heart surgery, that means that I’ve been driving to work, to the same address, specifically 2353 N. Wilson Way, along the same roads, passing the same buildings but with different tenants, for well over 33 years now. Talk about something that will make you feel old! In February of 1982, we officially became Mustangs Plus because we were selling so many Mustang parts. But, our California Dealers License was still R&D Motors. Anyway, this box of sales invoices included Mustangs Plus parts sales invoices as well as car sales invoices. Here’s where this weeks Blog comes from, sparked by some of those old invoices and the memories they brought back.

On November 21, 1983, we sold a 1968 Mustang Couple to one of my father’s good friend’s son. The fathers name was Paul and he was here at Mustangs Plus just last week visiting Dad. His son, Tim, had bought the Mustang from us and then moved back to our home state of Michigan a few years later. Today, Tim still has the Mustang so we are going to send him these original sales records showing the sale from us to keep with its history. As we all know, paper work is very important when it comes to value and I’m sure Tim did not keep his copies. As cool as it is that he still has the Mustang, the intriguing part is what’s on the contract. You see, Tim traded in to us a 1967 “S” code big block 390 c.i. Coupe. The sales contract shows that we gave him $720.00 trade-in value and that it had 40K miles on it. Of course the trade in value was used for his down payment and he made payments to Mustangs Plus until the Mustang was paid off. Yep. I’m asking myself the same question. What happened to the 1967 “S” code? As strange as it may sound, I remember the 1968 “C” code Tim bought but can’t remember the “S” code or what happened to it. Strange how the mind works, isn’t it?

Another Mustang that I remember selling was sold on September 14, 1983, 30 years and 4 days to the day (this being written on September 14, 2013). On that day, we sold a 1970 Mustang Fastback to another of my father’s friends, which accounts for why he wrote up the sales contracts and not me. My father’s friend, Bill, and his son Steven, shows this to be a cash sale for a total of $1,734.00. Yes, I’ll take 10 at that price, please! I told Dad that if we had just parked the Mustang in a warehouse and left it, we would have made more money on it today then we did back then. Again, I remember the Mustang and it would be what’s considered a very nice driver by today’s standards. After all, it was only 14 years old and had 69,000 miles on it back then. As I’m sure that Steven doesn’t have the Mustang anymore, Bill is going to get the sales contract to give to Steven to remind him that he once owned a 1970 Mustang Sports Roof that he should have kept. Maybe Bill should give him the sales contract as a birthday or Christmas present! How unique would that be?

Lastly, and more dear to our hearts, we found the original sales contract where my father sold his personal 1966 loaded up Mustang Coupe on June 21, 1983. It was sold to Bob Roberts, who would go on to buy 3 cars from us, two 1966 Mustangs and a 1968 Ranchero, over the next couple of years. The selling price of $6,000.00 showed that it was a very nice Mustang at that time as, about that same time, I bought a one owner, 90K mile original Boss 302 for $4,000.00. Yes, those were the days! Sales price aside, Bob bought the Mustang because he liked it and would own my father’s Mustang for the next 18 years, using it as his daily driver and driving it over a 100K miles during that time as well as repainting it, twice, and rebuilding the engine once.

Click on the contract for full view.

Roberts contract


Bob truly loved the Mustang and got a lot of pleasure from it before passing away in 2001. As fate would have it, we had lost touch with Bob as he moved to Nevada. But, his wife remembered us and called a couple of years later, wanting to know if my father was interested in buying the Mustang or if he could help her sell it. So, my father bought his Mustang back, for the same price he had sold it for, which was exactly what she asked him to pay (See the original sales contract from 1983). But, by this time, it needed a full restoration (See the picture of it with the original Dark Green metallic). After much sole searching, my father decided to restore his Mustang for the second time. Only this time, he decided to restore it the way he wanted it to be, and not the way it came stock from the factory. After all, the only reason he sold it in the first place was that he didn’t like the original colors. But, in the early 1980’s, you restored a Mustang back to original, even if you didn’t like it. That was just the way it was.

David got totally involved and helped our father with the restoration. Today, our father’s Mustang, which he bought at a garage sale, restored it back to factory stock, sold it to a man who drove it 100K miles, bought back, then restored it a second time the way he wanted it, sits in the Mustangs Plus showroom and is admired by all who come in to buy Mustang parts to build the Mustang of their dreams (See the picture of it sitting in the Mustangs Plus showroom).

1966 Mustang Red Ryder

When he sees people looking over his Mustang, it puts a smile on his face which puts a smile on mine and David’s faces as well. See more of the Bramlett families Mustangs online at

As a last thought, if you would like to have The Restomod Shop do any work for you before the end of the year or before the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration next year, I would advise you to get your project scheduled ASAP. Winter always brings cars that the owners want for the spring and their winter schedule is already filling up! For more information and to see some of the completed projects, visit and enjoy!

Stay tuned for our next Blog next week!

Ron Bramlett,

Mustangs Plus


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